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About the Instructor: Dr Richard Clark

Dr. Richard Clark is a 3rd Degree Black Belt with UK-TKD (United Kingdom Tae Kwon-Do).  Richard is also a member of the Luton UK-TKD club under the instruction of Mr. Eamon Hailes (3rd Degree Black Belt UK-TKD).

  Dr. Richard Clark started his teaching career as a Ph.D. Researcher and Visiting Lecturer/Lecturer at the University of London (1997-2003).  Richard subsequently joined the University of London in May 2004 as the IT and Web Support Trainer in the Staff Development unit. Since July 2009, Richard has been working in the University of London International Programmes division as the Training Manager.  As an experienced teacher/trainer of staff and students, Richard brings an enthusiastic, enjoyable and supportive training style to London UK-TKD classes.
  Richard started to learn Tae Kwon-Do in 2000 after undertaking Tai Chi for a short while during 1999 (as part of the 'stress buster' sessions for staff at the University of Luton).  During his training in Tae Kwon-Do, Richard has participated in a number of competitions:

- Central Midlands Championships (02/02/2002) - Patterns
- English International Championships (12/05/2002) - Patterns
- Inter-Club Championships (20/07/2002) - Patterns and Sparring
- British Championships (24/11/2002) - Patterns and Sparring
- Inter-Club Championships (05/07/2003) - Patterns and Sparring (Team Event)


Richard has also achieved the following medals and awards during competitions and Tae Kwon-Do training:

- Inter-Club Championship 2002 - Heavy Weight Sparring (Green/Blue Belts)

- Inter-Club Championship 2003 - Team Sparring (Blue/Red/Black Belts)

- Student of the Year 2002 - presented by Mr. Seamus Kinney for performance, competition attempts, assisting club members during training sessions and contributions to the Luton East club.

Beginners and existing members of the London UK-TKD club will find that Dr. Richard Clark is a friendly and supportive instructor who will assist all members with their training throughout the Tae Kwon-Do syllabus.

For further information about the club, please contact the instructor (Dr. Richard Clark)




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