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About the Club

London Tae Kwon-Do opened on 13/06/2011 and provides particpants with the opportunity to learn more about self-defence and Tae Kwon-Do whilst also improving fitness levels and exploring new sporting opportunities.

Note that the club is also referred to as the University of London Tae Kwon-Do club due to the association with the University of London. The club is however open to public members, students and UoL staff.

The London Tae Kwon-Do club offers membership, an annual licence (via WAKO GB), gradings/examinations (to obtain belts) and participation in competitions and optional events (such as seminars, away events etc).

The Instructor and all current club members warmly welcome any beginners to the club and together, will help you explore your first few steps into Tae Kwon-Do and Self-Defence.


Feedback from members:

"The Tae Kwon-Do session was really good, Richard is a great instructor".

"Definately tThinking of joining the London Tae Kwon-Do Club after trying a taster session."

"The TKD session was very enjoyable"

(University of London staff event)
"Really enjoyed Richard's Tae Kwon-Do session and was impressed by the cross-section of staff who attended. The session was enjoyable and informative and I will enjoy being part of the club".


For further information, please contact the instructor (Dr. Richard Clark)



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