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Welcome to London Tae Kwon-Do (UK-TKD)
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At London Tae Kwon-Do (also known as University of London Tae Kwon-Do) we provide lessons in self-defence and Tae Kwon-Do [ITF style] for men and women. We are always happy to welcome beginners and would be delighted to help you start a journey towards a Black Belt.

We have a very friendly and welcoming group with weekly training session packed with useful self-defence techniques, fun routines and fitness exercises.

Tuesdays (6:00pm-7:15pm) at Student Central
(see our Starter Pack for details).

   London Tae Kwon-Do (UK-TKD) and Self Defence Promotional Video
(Watch our introductory video)

New! Beginners welcome all year

Beginners lessons commence January 2019 onwards.

First month completely free for all new members

View further information (venue/days/times).

Student Central, Room 3C/3D (Level 3),
Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY

Browse the site to find out more about Tae Kwon-Do and see how training at London Tae Kwon-Do (UK-TKD) can be great fun, help improve your fitness and flexibility and inspire you in learning self-defence & martial arts.

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