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Information for New Students
Information for Experienced Students

Information for Experienced Students

"I have practised Tae Kwon-Do before, will I be able to continue training from my old belt?"
If you have practiced ITF style Tae Kwon-Do before (this would include patterns like Chon-Ji, Dan-Gun etc.) you may be able to continue from your existing belt. Your new instructor will be able to assess you and advise you on the best way to continue your training.
"I have undertaken Martial Arts training in the past. Do I have to start at beginner level?"
All Martial Arts have different syllabuses (although many of the movements are somewhat similar). Having undertaken a Martial Art before will be a great advantage to your training in Tae Kwon-Do, but you will have to start from white belt in order to learn the Tae Kwon-Do syllabus.

"What will I be doing during the classes?"
Depending on how your instructor assesses your ability, you will be continuing your Tae Kwon-Do tuition and working towards your next belt.

"Do I need a training suit?"
You will not need an official uniform until your instructor has assessed you. Until such time you should train in casual clothes (i.e. t-Shirt/tracksuit bottoms etc). Please do not wear old uniform/Dobok from your previous association unless otherwise permitted by your new instructor.
"Do I need insurance?"
Yes. As soon as your new instructor has assessed you, you will need to purchase a licence. This is your membership to the club, to WAKO GB (our insuring body) as well as a policy against accidental injury and member to member liability.
"When can I grade?"
Gradings are conducted on a regular basis, approximately 3-4 months apart.

White belts up to and including Blue Stripes are required to have a minimum training time of 3 months between each grading.

Blue Belts up to and including Black Belt 1st Dan are required a minimum training time of 6 months between each grading.

Black Belt Dan gradings are held 2, 3, 4, 5 years apart depending on the Dan grade being taken .



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