Somewhere deep within the woods of Cornwall, a timeless force is stirring. Unseen beneath the ancient burial mound, known locally as Barrow Hill, a forgotten myth awakens on the Autum Equinox.

Use archaeology to discover that the barrow is more than just a collection of forgotten standing stones. Experience the detailed and immersive storyline yourself, in this great point-and-click adventure.

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Arriving during the Autumn Equinox you have one night to unravel a sinister story. Explore the well trodden pathways across the land, seek clues in almost forgotten shrines and experience the ancient forces which exist in the standing stone monument known as Barrow Hill.The eerie Cornish landscape is brought to life like never before.

Ancient Celtic Monuments: Standing Stones are, perhaps, the most mysterious wonders of the ancient world. There are still no satisfactory explanations as to what they are, how they were built, and who constructed them. A detailed, and spellbinding, story is woven through the very fabric of Barrow Hill, offering possible explanations, further mysteries and a chance to get beneath the surface of archaeology like no other game before it.



Missing!: Barrow Hill has been plagued by mystery throughout its modern history. A construction team, building the nearby Service Station, vanished one chilly November night. No sight, nor sound, has ever been offered as explanation. Could the ancient ring of standing stones be responsible? Certain academics certainly think so. Amelia Rumford, famed (and rather eccentric) archaeologist performed a survey of the stones in the 1980's. Her findings have since been ridiculed, as the content seemed to suggest that the stones moved during her time there. Utter nonsense? Sadly, there is no way of checking, as Amelia (like the construction workers) vanished without trace.

Dig deeper: Use real archaeological techniques, and practice, to unearth forgotten artefacts and delve into the Celtic legends which haunt the green lanes of the hill. Cornwall boasts itself as the home of many sorcerers, ancient kings and mythological characters. From the piskie folk of the hedgerows and clifftops to the beasts of Bodmin Moor. There isn't a corner of England's most western county that isn't rich in folklore, magic and danger!

The time is now: The Autumn Equinox, a powerful night in the pagan calendar, has thrown a dark cloak across the landscape. The ancient stones have been disturbed. Middlestone's respected archaeologist Conrad Morse has launched a new 'dig' at the site. He has invited others to join him, each proficient in their chosen fields.

The circle must give up its secrets to these new arrivals, in the form of geophysical mapping (ground radar), and scientific crafts like palaeobotany (the study of near fossilised plants, and seeds). Each of the standing stones are unique, and un-surveyed. What clues hide underneath the rich soil of the Barrow's mound?

When you arrive at the site, not all is as it should be. Something is very wrong. You have one night, the Autumn Equinox, to find out what lurks beneath Barrow Hill.




  • Discover a world of puzzles, archaeology and ancient rituals.
  • Use gadgets to locate clues and communicate with other characters.
  • Haunting soundtrack of creepy music and spine-chilling sound effects.
  • Explore wonderfully spooky locations.
  • Use Utilise gadgets and CCTV to uncover clues.
  • Learn what has happened to Conrad Morse and missing archaeolgists?
  • Practice ancient rituals and ceremonies, almost forgotten to modern man.
  • A classic style 'point and click' adventure.
  • Explore the woods, standing stones and abandoned buildings of Barrow Hill, Cornwall.
  • A full spooky soundtrack, featuring real-world sounds from the setting.
  • Solve a myriad of puzzles and enigmas.
  • Full voice cast, to bring the adventure to life.
  • Multiple game endings.


System Requiements

OS: Windows Xp, Vista
Processor: 1.3 Ghz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 128 MB DX 9.0c compliant videocard
Storage: 2 GB
Sound Card: DX 9.0c compliant soundcard

OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: 2 Ghz +
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 256 MB DX 9.0c compliant videocar
Storage: 2 GB
Sound Card: DX 9.0c compliant soundcard

Mouse to play.
Runs in 800x600.

DirectX: Version 9.0c


Stuck on a puzzle, lost in the woods, solutions giving you the run around? Look no further than the Barrow Hill Walkthrough. Step by step pages to help you through your adventures on Barrow Hill. Packed with hints on where to find those all important clues or prod you in the direction of what to do.

Includes the location of every Item to collect and where and when to Use them. Download the walkthrough HERE for the solutions you need.


The Barrow Hill – Game Soundtrack

Featuring theme music and atmospheric location tracks from Barrow Hill. 16 tracks. A 7 Page PDF booklet provides full track listings and game artwork. On sale HERE.

Track Listings

Download the Barrow Hill Demo and lose yourself in the ancient Cornish woodlands. Take a slight diversion from the Cornish country lanes and explore The Owl Barn. This ramshackle, and little known building, is one of the many locations hidden away in the woods of Barrow Hill.   Make A Model Postcards. Download, print and build your own locations from Barrow Hill. You will be able to create you own tabletop adventures or replay scenes from the game.

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