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Welcome to London Tae Kwon-Do (UK-TKD)
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At London Tae Kwon-Do (also known as University of London Tae Kwon-Do) we provide lessons in self-defence and Tae Kwon-Do [ITF style; non sine-wave ] for men and women.

We are always happy to welcome beginners and would be delighted to help you start or continue your journey towards a Black Belt.

We have a very friendly and welcoming group with weekly training session packed with useful self-defence techniques, fun routines and fitness exercises.

Tuesdays (6:00pm-7:15pm)
at Central YMCZ KX (Cromer Street).

   London Tae Kwon-Do (UK-TKD) and Self Defence Promotional Video
(Watch our introductory video)

Classes reopening from September 7th 2021 onwards

We are delighted to announce that the club will be reopening
(after the COVID-19 Pandemic closure) from 7th September 2021 onwards.

To join the club (and to receive a free first induction lesson),
please contact the Instructor via richard.clark@london.ac.uk to book your session

[as there are limits on the number of participants at our new venue].

[Updated: September 2021]

Browse the site to find out more about Tae Kwon-Do and see how training at London Tae Kwon-Do can be great fun, help improve your fitness and flexibility and inspire you in learning self-defence & martial arts.

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