The classic Mountain Cake; a cup cake size raised sponge, which is exquisitely smooth as it melts in the mouth, is topped with frosted icing sugar. Binding into the very cake itself, infusing it throughout with the sweet essence, the frosting is crowned with the finest cooled drops of smooth creamy and milky chocolate, of a quality rivalling Belgium’s finest.

The amazing taste of the classic Mountain Cake is a closely guarded secret of Mrs Ellis, who has been making the cakes all her life using only the best ingredients, the list of which is committed to memory. The only secret she will reveal about the creation of Her iconic Mountain Cakes is that they are cooked at a precise temperature in her gas cooker, which captures the smooth classic texture and the legendary mountain like rise.

These much sought after cakes are not available commercially in the shops. Each one is delicately baked and decorated in an individual style; creating character and enhancing the genuinely home baked English kitchen goodness. As such they are in high demand and sought near and far across the country and internationally.

Nothing is as delicious as a newly backed and freshly frosted Mountain Cake.