Bracken Tor : The Time of Tooth and Claw  
The Bloodmoon has risen. Something is stirring, something feral, ancient and terrible. It began many years ago, with the discovery of the livestock, ripped to shreds, torn apart and devoured. The beast now has a taste for blood...our blood...there has been a murder - a vicious, brutal killing - out there on the mist shrouded moorland. A lone hiker, exploring our ancient land, has been discovered... mutilated and bloody. The beast struck at some point just after dusk, ripping out the throat. Our land was once the hunting ground for many vicious carnivores, but they have long since disappeared, hunted into extinction. Could those beasts have returned, to seek their revenge? Where or when have these monstrous creatures come from?

DJ Emma Harry is a kooky kind of girl. Living and broadcasting from the swamps of Barrow Moor, Emma has a deep fascination (obsession!) with the supernatural and strange. Something happened to Emma, back in '06. She experienced something bizarre…something ancient and powerful. The event changed her. She knows that the landscape hides all manner of strange phenomena, writing about much of it in her magazine, The Freaky Times. But, will Emma's fascination be her undoing? View 'THE DJ’ to find out more about the upcoming terrors in Bracken Tor.

Spend a night on the mysterious moor, with only the canvas of your tent as protection. Listen out for the sounds, look out for the tell tale signs, or flee in fear when the pack closes in. You are a bold journalist, always looking for the next 'big story'. How far would you go to grab the front page? Would you risk your life, for a news story? If so, the ancient rock formation known as Bracken Tor awaits your arrival. The stony outcrop dominates the moor, and boasts several unnerving stories; from unexplainable glowing lights, to this latest horrifying incident. Are some places cursed? Or, are they haunted by those who went before?

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Thrown into the ancient past of the Bronze Age people, you will find the true origins of the nightmare. Those primitive people lived in fear of the mighty beasts, making sacrifices to protect themselves from the packs, which hide in the thick pine forests and wind swept tundra. They practised long forgotten ceremonies, and studied the natural world, in an attempt to understand and conquer their foe. For it is only through understanding the 'old ways' that you will survive the night. You will have to decide what is worse...the beasts that lurk in the darkness, or the terrifying acts performed by our ancient ancestors.


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  • Explore the desolate moorland & ancient sites, searching for evidence.
  • Travel back in time, to The Bronze Age, to learn its secrets.
  • A complete interactive world; brought to life on your PC.
  • Environmental sounds and weather to heighten the experience.
  • An unnerving and eerie soundtrack to chill the blood.
  • Experience virtual archaeology, and uncover the past.
  • Survive beast attacks using items close at hand. Defend yourself!
  • A complex and unusual story to piece together.
  • Glean clues from newspaper articles and local radio broadcasts.
  • Solve a bloody murder through investigation and detection.

In the dead of the night you find yourself all alone in the mysterious moorland. Something is stirring in the woods, something feral with a taste for blood. You run and scream but nobody is there to help you. Will you survive until the break of day? View ‘The Hiker’ to find out more about the upcoming terrors in Bracken Tor.

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For decades now, the Mysterious Beasts Research Group has collated, and published, sightings and theories exploring the phenomena of unexplained, and dangerous, animals wandering our countryside.

We are zoologists, naturalists, farmers and scientists.

Our mission is to increase public awareness of these beasts, following several highly publicised deaths. Newspapers claim the deaths are 'murder', and are demanding the immediate investigation and extermination of any creatures found, hiding in our countryside. Please help us uncover the truth. What are these creatures? Where do they come from?


Join our group, or send us your news:


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Are they Paranormal? Recent sightings suggest there is far more to these creatures than previously thought. Cases of 'vanishing beasts' are becoming more and more widespread, suggesting an almost supernatural explanation. Could we really be seeing beasts from another time or another place? One thing is for sure, our land is being stalked by creatures beyond our imagination. Go search the internet, look through your local newspaper, or just ask those who spend their working hours out in the fields. There you will find proof. Something is attacking our livestock, our homes, our families, and we know nothing about them. That could all be about to change.


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP(SP2/SP3)
CPU: Pentium® IV 3.00 GHz or equivalent (Higher Recommended.)
RAM: 512 MB RAM. (1 GB RAM or Higher Recommended.)
GRAPHICS CARD & MONITOR:128 MB DirectX® 9.0C Compatible 3D accelerated video card, supporting 32bit (true colour) colour depth at 1024x768 resolution/ratio.
Sound: 16-bit DirectX® 9.0C Sound Card.
Additional: Mouse, Speakers, DVD-Rom Drive.

Shadow Tor Studios
Shadow Tor Studios is based in Cornwall, England, and produce exciting action/adventure games. Bracken Tor, is produced with assistance from the 'Mysterious Beasts Research Group' and Cornwall Archaeology Society, to bring you a thrilling, and realistic, puzzle-solving adventure. Locate evidence of 'mysterious beasts', study and perform ancient rites in a detailed Bronze Age setting and discover, for yourself, the true nature of the ancient world.


"Yuletide Cheer
Click to view larger artwork. Whether it’s a Yuletide brew or mince pie you are after, The Green Man Inn at Wychwood is great place to be this Winter Solstice. Many have sought refuge beneath the ancient wooden beams and crept through the winding passageways. Pull up a chair, to the fireside, as the story is about to begin."

"Wrap up warm!
Click to view larger artwork. Bronze Age Barrow Moor is a cold, wild, windswept place. Exploring the world can be accomplished by traversing the many underground passageways that honeycomb the landscape, or, if you are feeling brave, you could pass through the snowy 'Hollow Way'. Watch out though, there are beasts about; cunning, hidden and hungry."

"The Portals
Click to view larger artwork. The trip to the time of Tooth and Claw is no one-way journey. 'Stones with holes' still fascinate archaeologists today. Victorian folly or something more meaningful; ancient? Like the stone circle on Barrow Hill, the stones wait to be invigorated and revitalised. Perhaps some of our everyday ceremonies mimic the actions of people, very much like us, 4000 thousand years ago."

Click to view larger artwork. The 'Mysterious Beasts Research Group' have sent all manner of tech to get your surveillance underway. Get out on the moor, set up the cameras and then return to your tent to spy on the night time world. It's the Winter Solstice, so expect the unexpected. It'll be up to you to capture and log 'sightings', so keep those eyes peeled! You never know, you might catch a glimpse of The Beast of Barrow Moor.?"

"The Four Hunters
Click to view larger artwork. More sightings of the 'mysterious creature' are made here, at the Four Hunters standing stones, than anywhere else on the moor. There must be a connection between the timeless monoliths, and the glimpses of "something monstrous" upon the landscape. The mysterious, silent stones have watched mankind pass this way for thousands of years. What stories would they tell, if coaxed from their slumber?"

"The Camp
Click to view larger artwork. Dusk has fallen on Barrow Moor. You have an assignment to complete, no matter how strange or bizarre. Your Editor is expecting a great story, about the creature that stalks the moor. It appears on the darkest, and longest of nights, to slaughter livestock, and then vanish! A tent is flimsy protection, against the night, so use these last few moments of dim light to prepare for the dark hours ahead."

"The Abandoned Mine
Click to view larger artwork. The Barrow Moor is scarred by centuries of tin mining, with many abandoned pit shafts posing a lethal hazard to nocturnal explorers. It's all too easy to get lost, in the dark, and then plummet to your doom. If you survive the fall, it's likely you'll find yourself in the long forgotten mine tunnels, which descend deep into the ancient landscape.”

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