The small hamlet of Pelynt is perched upon a hilltop, between Looe and Polperro. It is well known, amongst expert antiquarians, that Pelynt boasts the largest number of ancient burial mounds (Barrows) in the country. Known on maps as tumuli, these maudlin bumps and hills have been found to contain such exotic items as Mediterranean pottery and mycenaean daggers from 1400BC! That's nearly 4 thousand years ago. Traces of funeral pyres, and ceremony, have also been discovered, lending a morbid edge to an otherwise pretty country spot. Like much of the UK, the Pelynt Barrow Mounds prove that the English landscape conceals a fascinating, and possibly gruesome, historical past of legend and mysticism.The nearby ancient well of St.Nonna, and Hall Ring, are testament to this. Click the word "multimap" below, to see how many tumuli surround the old village of Pelynt.

Matt Clark ventures towards the anceint barrows, one hot summers day.

Hills and mounds near Peylnt, in Cornwall. Multimap

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