This 'real' scared well is a treasure, and hard to find. The search is always rewarded, as the location evokes a feeling of ancient pagan magic, mysticism and the Elven magicks of The Lord of the Rings. The well itself, is remarkably similar to St.Anneka's Well seen in Barrow Hill. A large tree spreads its roots across the turfy roof of the building, with some penetrating the interior. Inside St.Nonna's Well you will find crystals, money, notes and ribbons tucked into the damp corners. These 'offerings' are left by locals, visitors and neo-druids as gifts for St.Nonna. This particular well comes with a legend:

If you visit the well of St.Nonna,
be sure to leave a gift of pins,
for those who fail to place such items,
will be haunted by the moths of sin!

A strange ditty, I am sure you will agree. The legend tells that a local farmer attempted to steal the stone basin, from inside the well. In doing so he triggered the guardians of the well, and dropped down dead on that very spot. These days, you are requested to leave an offering, after seeking the water, in the form of a shiny pin. If you fail to do so, silver coloured moths will fly from the well and follow you home. As far as punishment goes, I think that's quite subtle....but....I'm not sure I would want to put the legend to the test.

Weary travellers at the sacred well. Inside St.Nonna's Well.

Left: Francis Prestige and Matt Clark at St.Nonna's Well. Note the oak tree which grows across the building.Multimap
Right: Inside St.Nonna's Well.

Jonathan Boakes, about to enter St.Nonna's Well. Is that a druid?! Run for your life!

Left: Jonathan about to enter St.Nonna's Well near Watergate.
Right: Jonathan Boakes. Looking wet. And cold. And a little bit pagan.

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