St.Keyne was a fair lady of the 5th Century, who traveled to Cornwall to perform many miracles. A favourite spot included the spring of clear water based in the Looe Valley, which was believed to provide healing water and blessed gifts. Upon her death, St.Keyne wished powerful magic upon the well, and its water as she faded away on the mossy banks. Four trees were planted, by St.Keyne, to celebrate the springs earthy magic. They were the Oak, the Elm, the Willow and the Ash tree. Direct descendants of those trees still provide a leafy umbrella to the well, during the hot summer months.

Using 'real' locations: Matt, and Shadow Tor Studios, became fascinated by the ancient wells of Cornwall. Grabbing a digital camera, sound recording hardware and camcorders, they recorded the sounds, sights and textures of many sacred wells, including St.Keyne.


Left: Matt Clark reads the Legend of St.Keynel. Multimap
Right: 3 weeks later the 'virtual' version of the well is ready for the adventure game, Barrow Hill.

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