Duloe Stone Circle, one of the many inspiring ancient sites, is located just outside of the small village which shares its name. Matt Clark has visited the site many, many times, photographing the majestic stones in all seasons. The stones, one of which is over 3 meters tall, are made from white quartz and glitter on hot summer days, or sparkle mysteriously in the moonlight. It is a truly inspirational site, and is often overlooked by those seeking pagan shrines and neolithic antiquities. Much like Barrow Hill's lesser known circle, the site went undisturbed, and ignored, for many centuries. Ancient beakers, bronze age pots and fascinating artifacts have been lifted from the soil around each stone, which increases the sites similarities to Barrow Hill. Access to the circle is free, and easy, and comes highly recommended. It is also possible to take in St.Cuby's Well, which is a short stroll away, and was the inspiration behind St.Anneka's Well.

Emma Harry and Matt Clark at Duloe Stone Circle One of the stones built for Barrow Hill.

Left: Emma Harry and Matt Clark at Duloe Stone Circle. Multimap
Right: One of the stones built for Barrow Hill.

Philip Philippou at Duloe Stone Circle. Barrow Hill Stone Circle

Left: Duloe Stone Circle.
Right: The Barrow Hill stone circle.

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