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Bracken Tor: The Time of Tooth and Claw

Myths and legends
surround the sightings of beasts of the moorland. Thrown into the ancient past of the Bronze Age, will you will find the true origins of the nightmare?

Practice long forgotten ceremonies, in an attempt to survive the night. You will have to decide what is worse...the beasts that lurk in the darkness, or the terrifying acts performed by our ancient ancestors.

Production on Bracken Tor : The Time of Tooth and Claw continues with a release planned From Fall

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The DJ




The Hiker


DJ Emma Harry is a kooky kind of girl. Living and broadcasting from the swamps of Barrow Moor, Emma has a deep fascination (obsession!) with the supernatural and strange. Something happened to Emma, back in '06. She experienced something bizarre…something ancient and powerful. The event changed her. She knows that the landscape hides all manner of strange phenomena, writing about much of it in her magazine, The Freaky Times. But, will Emma's fascination be her undoing? View 'THE DJ’ to find out more about the upcoming terrors in Bracken Tor.

In the dead of the night you find yourself all alone in the mysterious moorland. Something is stirring in the woods, something feral with a taste for blood. You run and scream but nobody is there to help you. Will you survive until the break of day? View ‘The Hiker’ to find out more about the upcoming terrors in Bracken Tor.


Shadow Tor Studios Announce Pre Production of ‘Wychwood Hollow’.

The supernatural thriller will continue a story first introduced in Barrow Hill and is set within the same dark landscape. Cornwall is a land of standing stones, Neolithic tombs and ancient powers. Mixing archaeological thriller, with deep puzzle solving, ‘Wychwood Hollow’ is set to spook fans following development during 2016.

“There is a village. Tied to the past by a terrible crime. Murder. They “burnt the witch”. They erased her name. There is a village... Wychwood Hollow.”

An official teaser and four sneak peeks into the dark world of Wychwood are available -


Barrow Hill: Curse Of The Ancient Circle

The eerie Cornish landscape is brought to life like never before. Arriving during the Autumn Equinox you have one night to unravel a sinister story.

Explore the well trodden pathways across the land, seek clues in almost forgotten shrines and experience the ancient forces which exist in the standing stone monument known as Barrow Hill.

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